Mint Spotted (Blanjulus Guttulatus)

Pest Type: Pest Vegetable Indoor Crop

Class: Millipedes – Myriapoda

Row: leggy – Diplopoda

The pest has a thin body, cylindrical in shape, with sparse bristles and warts on the sides. 

Body-color – depending on age, white or yellowish, with black-brown dots. Body length – 7-15 mm.

Kivsyaki breed by laying eggs in the soil. Larvae differ from adult insects in slightly fewer legs. Kivsyaki lives in the soil and is polyphagous pests. The harmfulness of kivsyaka is that they damage the root system and the underground part of the stem of vegetable crops, gnawing small ulcers in them. Damaged plants wither and subsequently die. They enter the greenhouse mainly with manure.

Protective measures. Analysis of manure before importation in the greenhouse for the presence of a pest. Fresh straw manure should not be added to the greenhouse to facilitate the propagation of the pest. A fairly effective measure to combat kivsyaki is the use of poisoned baits made from chopped potatoes or root crops and contact-enteric insecticide. After the end of the growing season, the greenhouse substrates are decontaminated by a thermal or chemical method.

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