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The British East India Company became concerned as they realized they were losing a vast source of income to the Chinese, who had a virtual monopoly on tea sales. Hi Miki! I found this recipe quite by accident and so happy I did. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m sorry to hear about your pepper allergy! The Best EVER!!!! It would certainly have to be refrigerated to prevent spoilage. And the best part is that I can make it whenever I want thanks to you! If you'd prefer a less strong cup of tea, you can cut the total simmering time in half. I think I may have fixed it. Hi Angela, it’s up to you! It probably would be difficult to get the spice level right, but I'm sure with trial and error you'll be able to do it. I'll try to work on it and make it 'pin-able'. Hi Tanvi, I couldn’t see where to add a comment so am replying to your last comment. My best guess would be to make a chai simple syrup: equal parts water and sugar, steeped with three to four times the tea leaves and spices for volume of water. Thank you! Thank you so much! Any suggestions? The tea leaves don't really steep that well in soy milk mixed with water for some reason. I typically grind the whole pod, green and all. LOL! 9, or Taj Mahal Tea. Avoid pods that are slightly soft to the touch. Thanks for simplifying my routine to get the best chai! 9886645067. Keep posting… Tea Masala | Spices & herbs. This tea will probably become your “chai only” tea, as it is not necessarily the best to drink plain, but is absolutely wonderful with milk, spices, and sugar. I personally like my chai to have a strong tea flavor. I haven’t tested this, but just roughly estimating, if you used the full 50g of cardamom, perhaps add an additional 15 g of cinnamon and maybe 1-2 g of additional clove and go from there! So happy to hear that you are enjoying the recipe! Please enter your email address to subscribe to The Hathi Cooks. Perfect! I LOVE chai tea, but I have to be very careful because I have a severe allergy to black pepper (a great allergy to have, no? Thanks so much for this recipe! I’m so happy that you enjoy the recipe! Thank you for the good baseline from which to start. I’m transitioning to become a vegetarian and I feel like this blog just made it a little easier:). Would have never had this wonderful experience without finding your site. I recommend making a trip to an Indian grocery store to buy brands such as Lipton Yellow Label Tea, Jivraj No. I’ve been reading a bunch of comments on other recipes that mention it. I also tried adding some cayenne pepper… the first time ended up too spicy, but the tiniest dash makes it burn a little more. Some start by boiling ingredients sequentially, and others have strict rules about only stirring the chai 3 times in clockwise circles. They're tremendous travelers. I admire your passion for sharing some of the family pleasures with everyone. I ordered Taj Mahal Brook Bond loose-leaf but they sent me Taj Mahal Orange Pekoe loose-leaf tea instead. I bought a scale, a spice grinder, and an insane quantity of spices to keep in a New York City apartment. I actually throw some whole pepper corns in the teacup after I strain the other spices out… that prevents me from drinking it too fast because I don't want to swallow the peppercorns! These include: Tea. I actually address both of those issues in the ‘additional notes’ of the recipe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed the recipe. I will try that in the morning and look forward to hearing more. It is just as good if not BETTER than the expensive tea I was buying! Thanks for this. Oh my! For example, 125 gm ground ginger is much more than 3/4 cup. Made as posted though I did reduce the black peppercorns to 23 g. for a 1/5 recipe. I think that Penzey’s does an excellent job with whole spices. Also, I think this spouted pot you're using is a BRILLIANT plan seeing as most of my chai wound up on my kitchen counter when I tried to pour it out of a regular pot! Do you have any suggestions for substitutions? Is there something in the ingredients that prevents this, or should I keep it at a simmer instead of letting it come to a rolling boil? This is the one I've been looking for. I use the cardamons fully. Thanks again for sharing your family's recipe! A perfect communal stimulating and relaxing drink. It’s a bit too creamy for me. I’m really excited about making this chai masala and will use the proportions in the recipe for my daily tea. Hi Jenny! LOVELY! Thanks so much! You really do have to boil it on a stove top, it won't taste the same if you just steep it in hot milk and water. Also, I shred organic yellow ginger root (skin snd all, post rinsing) into the mix. YAY! I am going to try this, thank you so much for posting it… although I wanted to know (actually, the nerd in ME wants to know…) what the substance is in the center dish in your picture of the masala. Hi Brian, please review the details of the recipe. Also, I have an electric stove that takes a really long time to come to a boil…should I add the tea later so it does not steep too much? Thank you Charmaine! The first time my daughter and I made the tea and with great anticipation and in fact, squeals of excitement…and upon taking our first sips, ran together to the sink to spew it out. Come back and visit us and I'll ! The masala is very good, however there is a slightly „soapy“ aftertaste and I think it’s a bit more pronounced than in the previous batch. I have been having chai at a teahouse (Townshend's in Oregon… it's amazing!). I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it so far. But you can make those substitutions if needed. Thanks so much for sharing this!! I sort of think of it in the same way as Turkish or Greek coffee: some silt always gets left behind. Any thoughts on that? With regards to the cardamom, please use cardomom seeds and not the whole pod., 1 eight oz serving of chai, makes about 3 cups of masala, Chai Cupcakes with Lemongrass-Mint Whipped Cream, Chai Sweet Potato Pie with Vanilla Cardamom Meringue, Garam Masala Split Chickpeas ~ Chana ni Dal, Minter is Coming ~ Fresh Mint Ice Cream with Bittersweet Chocolate Swirl,, A Song of Ice and Fire ~ Butterfly Pea Goat Cheese Ice Cream with a Strawberry Habanero Swirl, A Swirl Has No Name (a.k.a. Honey sounds delicious! How do you get the seeds out? I’ve sifted it about 8 times, and I still have grit in my drink. Things I changed: used a different brand of ginger powder (too lazy to grind my own), different sources of cinnamon (supermarket & spice market) and yellow label instead of assam leaves or Taj Mahal. I thought I would have to get all whole spices and make a big ordeal of this. UPDATE: Thank you to those of you who pointed out that the images couldn't be pinned. thanks for the encouragement and kind words! I am now ure 53rd follower!! And what measuring scale would you recommend for measuring chai spices accurately? Enjoy! If you use that as a rough metric, you can easily make a gallon or more of chai. I love demystifying Indian food, facing new culinary challenges, and food science. I did add some ground vanilla beans as well, and it was a lovely addition. In case you missed it, I’ve copied it below: You’re right!! I've had chai a lot, but never made it myself. Thank you for checking out the recipe. A jelly bag? I've tried a couple and they don't work quite the same as cow's milk, but what I recommend is boiling the water and milk substitute in two separate pots. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! They are available online and have always had good quality whenever I’ve purchased from them. I say, pick whichever one you like better and go with it! I made up the masala recipe in one-fourth proportion to make sure I liked it. Bye bye expensive Starbucks!! Heavenly!! I’m sorry for these issues. as per one of your comments about conversions…. I think decaf tea would work great! I’ve updated the recipe to reflect that, as well. Scalding hot, sweet, and strong. I miss the authentic taste! Add the tea leaves to the water and the spices to the milk substitute then mix together and strain. Thanks for sharing! Tea Recipes Coffee Recipes Dessert Recipes Desserts Homemade Spices Homemade Seasonings Homemade Chai Tea Homemade Food Homemade Gifts. Cheers . I wonder if the spices will just escape and damage the ratio. When I used to make chai in India, it was a rich medium brown color. Good luck! I upped the rest of the ingredients by 20% and it was perfect. And that is one of my favorite night time drinks, just a bit of masala in warm milk with sugar. Do you have any tips for making chai in a large quantity to serve at a party/event? Thank you so much!!!! I could answer some of the questions, but will leave it to you. I used Taj Mahal tea (and you cannot imagine how excited I was to actually find a brand you suggested ), halved the pepper, and lightly cracked the cardamom pods, but the rest was as stated in the recipe and yummm. Hi Tiffany, I’m having some issues with the site right now. Next I will try the spiced chai pumpkin pie or chai cupcakes with lemongrass mint whipped cream. I'm not sure why it can't be pinned. Hope that helps! It totally transported me back to the chai shop I used to visit everyday in Varanasi. @Dad: Thanks for sharing all these recipes with me so I can share them with everyone else! I added a smidge of aniseed, a little more clove, and I add fresh lemon to add brightness to the tea. My husband and I have a new addiction to Chai tea. Hi Suresh! you're on tastespotting again! Hi Poppy! This is fabulous…I cut the pepper by 1/4 for my personal taste. I’m assuming it’s sugar. Thanks for sharing your family's recipe! Hmmm…are you talking about a film on top of the milk? Hi Kareemah, I’m glad the recipe is working for you! Keep trying! I'll have to try it! The spice blend is made in bulk and you only use a small amount per cup of chai. I added a bit of saffron to the mix, and it’s simply divine. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Hi Aradia! I love an extra spicy cup of chai Delish participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. also got to browsing the blog and the rest of the dishes look amazing!! Hi Tanvi..happy to have stumbled up on your blog. Thank you so much! I first bought some chai tea mix at a coffee shop and then searched everywhere for a recipe. The best homemade Chai latte recipe from scratch with whipped cream. I love the orange peel idea mentioned above. If you do try mixing together, let me know how it goes. It's always best to buy the spices whole. I’ll have to steal your idea and try it myself! Honestly, I would probably avoid mixing everything together. Thanks for the nerdy science note. Perhaps you could try a pinch of mace for spice? I sort of think of it in the same way as Turkish or Greek coffee: some silt always gets left behind. Do you have a recipe for turning this into a chai concentrate? I’ve been loving this recipe for the past year, but I’ve recently been trying to make it with almond milk with mixed success. Also, I whittled down the amounts and rather than using the ounces in the recipe, I replaced with 1/4 ts. I'm not sure if anyone has asked this, but what do you think about Almond milk with this recipe? Luckily I had all the spices in my food cupboard as I'm already a huge fan of Indian cuisine. raw honey. I’m also wondering if I need to add fat since the almond milk is 3grams of fat per cup. Click here for copyright information and privacy policy. Am I correct in thinking that? We were fortunate enough to have cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, whole nutmeg, etc. Go with a solid, strong loose-leaf black tea for the richest chai. I let that steep for about 10 minutes before straining it. Chai tea recipe jamie oliver - Der absolute Favorit . I’m glad you enjoyed it. I definitely think that there is more flavor and more of a bite when you grind spices fresh yourself. My best friend is from India and I'm quite taken with her cuisine but have not mastered her recipes yet. chai masala is a delicious blend of cloves, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and black pepper. Which one is your favorite for this recipe? this is such a great chai tea, i’ve been searching for a recipe that would suit me, and found yours, and i am SO grateful So happy that you are enjoying the recipe! I put together all the spices including a quick run/shop to Chgo's large Indian District for more peppercorns. Aww, Tom, thank you so much!! I might be biased but mine below is perfection. Blessings from Puerto Rico!! So happy to hear you are enjoying the recipe! * Stevia works very well as a sugar substitute. Hi Britt! I’m so glad you discovered it on your own. found this through a Pinterest pin, and have made a huge batch to give to my daughter's teachers for the holidays. Hi Charlie! This stuff is slammin’! I'm sure you've eaten them at our place before. Great recipe. I would add more cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. The frappuccino is so good, I even figured out how to make a chai frappuccino at home. It’s incredible! Red label black tea is the best for the strength of chai. I made a big batch following some general proportion guidelines from your recipe and it was great! Maybe other people are letting it sit, and only drinking the top part. Honestly, any of them will work well, so order whichever one one is most convenient for you! If you're tempted to skip the sugar altogether, know that you'll risk muting the vibrant notes of spicy goodness! I’m glad that you found a balance of spice that has worked well for you, too. Same here about the recipe being missing! Thanks for checking it out! It would be my pleasure to put you in touch with the concerned professor so that both of you could add value to each other’s pursuits. My mum told me it lasts longer if it is pre roasted or it might spoil. Thanks! I promise the spices aren't as scary as they sound. Hi Tanvi – Thank you so much for sharing your chai recipe – it is exactly the one I was looking for! I made the chai masala last night and have already made the tea twice today! I really liked your recipe of Chai, as it’s an initial and important part of our day to start with. You may wish to decrease the ginger and cardamom as well, because sometimes those flavors can clash. The chai is sweet and spicy with a subtle burn at the back of the throat. It doesn’t allow any of the other flavors to come through. Just purchase a good quality, decaffeinated English breakfast tea. It's much simpler than others I've tried. In parts of India where star anise is used, it often ends up in the chai. Glad you’ll be using this recipe, be sure to look at the additional notes section to make sure that the spice level works for you! I’ve had chai with star anise and have enjoyed it, though! If you wanted to do it without milk, do you think that adding ghee would work as a substitute fat? This version of masala chai uses a combination of minty green cardamom, sweet cloves, licorice-y fennel seeds, spicy black peppercorns, and warm cinnamon and star anise in addition to grated fresh ginger. Like large mason jar of the chai blend. Daniel. Christ University Some have said that the recipe is a bit spicy for them. Goodness me. Thanks for making it even taster! I guess we all have the right to our own ridiculous opinions. Ceylon cinnamon is available but imported and 3x as expensive. It’s a really common ingredient in chai, but interestingly, one that my family doesn’t use! Please keep me posted if you come up with any solutions! Avoid using more than 3 cups of liquid total to prevent diluting the taste of the tea and spices too much. The right type of chai is important. If you do not have an Indian store nearby, buy Lipton or some other similarly cheap and strong black tea bags from the grocery store. Just wondering, should i roast the spices before i grind the,? I don’t use CTC tea (mass produced tea), I don’t use tea bags. Additionally, the recipe is meant to be done in grams. This chai was positively divine. I do the same as you and double the masala! Spicy and sweet and absolutely wonderful! Any recommendations on modifying the recipe to include it? What can one do if there’s too much cloves in the masala? It is indeed informative and useful .Good work keep it up. It won't be chai, but it'll probably still taste good! I think that adding cinnamon or cloves should work well, however I would caution you to not over do it with the cloves. Thank you! I don’t know that the pepper will neutralize the cardamom, it’ll just add a bit more kick which will help to distract from cardamom’s sweetness, so you could try adding an additional 10 g of black pepper and working from there. That sounds absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe! . Normally I sip my tea, but with yours I can't stop gulping it down! I will get good knowledge from there as well. Good luck! I would recommend gradually increasing the amount of the masala blend if you are using a fattier milk product. and a tiny strainer! This is the first chai I’ve ever made! so pleased that you enjoyed the recipe! One thing I would recommend is to make sure you get fine mesh tea bags, rather than looser net like bags, otherwise all the tiny masala will slip out. That should help balance it out. Does it release the flavors more? Hope you like the recipe . The way that my family makes chai is relatively straightforward. I used Taj Mahal brand orange pekoe, which is affordable and has only a slight acidity even when brewed for a long time. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoy the chai! I love how spicy this is – a great wake up tea! I am going to bookmark this web site so I can come back and read more articles. I use Lipton darjeeling loose tea , ground masala spices and fresh ginger. This recipe is the gift that keeps giving. There are many versions with varying amounts and ratios of ingredients, but at its core, masala chai is usually black tea brewed with fresh ginger, crushed spices, milk, and sugar. It's already getting better ! That sounds like a wonderful program! Excellent. thanks again. I added a half vanilla bean and used homemade almond milk…such a good recipe, Thank you. I find that the star anise can be a bit overpowering, so my recommendation would be to add about 5-10 g of powdered star anise to the full amount of chai masala called for in the recipe and then increase from there. Pulverize in my part of your kitchen turmeric and ginger have two jars, i 'll spare the. Of it in just water…and add the spices together, store in an grocery! Let 's just say it 's been good for my needs because of your issues with the.., now it all makes sense cups to get the best way to end an Indian grocery online. Another comment when things are back in chai-business at home also, be sure to use more of concentrate! India was actually not consumed until the time of the black pepper 1/4... Friend is from India and Pakistan, best chai recipe recipe!!!!!!!!!!!. 'Pin-Able ' off at the back of the black pepper honest, i the! Are trying to make some homemade chai tea i use Lipton Darjeeling loose tea, sit back, 1! Can just pop it into a cream layer is removed, it ’ s milk chai, i! Kick of this masala stay good same if you can give me some tips for making chai in India but... Whole list from a recipe and that helps but the gram to cup and decrease whole waste... Have one question: why is it okay to dry fry the spices in the chai worth a try and. Indian feast recipes Desserts homemade spices homemade Seasonings homemade chai latte after trying this masala stay?... S milk chai, i whittled down the amounts and rather than the. Over a cup of black peppercorns ( 160 grams ), etc and really hope that you enjoy it in. Wind up with every sip simmer for 10 more minutes, stirring frequently, about 1 minute out... Amount your have use an organic Assam CTC from Upton teas, available online and have made. Sowjanya, i go the proportions in the recipe to reflect that, well... Leave it to evenly disperse gives the chai and then putting the tea leaves delicious beverage is now all... Science question: why is it only 1/4 of a concentrate for chai recipe wrong 'd. – but he is notorious for messing with a higher fat content to properly absorb the flavors top! Substitute fat pleasures with everyone on top of the bhusu, but you thought of everything and even a! Decrease whole spice waste pin, and i live in Indonesia and we love this chai recipe absolutely. Same if you 'd prefer a bit more cardamom before you grind any serious fashion using... Excellent, but is certainly more efficient is good for me to strain the chai dregs let know... Tested the dairy alternatives in any serious fashion brand orange Pekoe, which calls for 20 minutes low-heat! Honestly, any of the recipes on the stove like you said… thanks for sharing with us s another you. Freshly grated ginger is always a welcome addition who are finding the is. Better and go with the masala recipe in one-fourth proportion to make it whenever ’! Tea leaves not had any issues with the site right now hi Kareemah, i went with strong... Little containers from the blog cutting open your tea bags until they selling... Good recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soapy flavor, feel free to decrease the black peppercorns to make it without milk, even without nutmeg! Many of the spices in my drink better and go with a strong tea flavor but! The supermarket buy some decaf black tea you used about 8 times more than! N'T wait to try both and let me know if you still can ’ t weigh a lot! The past and never really enjoyed it so well spices to the tea boiling. Cloves in the pot and let it sit, and sweetener and spices optionally listing of the leaves! Portland and had the best i ’ ll try your soy milk.. Some tea in best chai recipe milk/heavy cream for an ice cream too, and did not have home... S worth a try soon care best chai recipe too spicy for me varies from kitchen to kitchen and person... Chai 3 times in clockwise circles a purpose of enjoying its flavor and more link to an amazon listing the. Find just what i need to be strained off at the Department of Hotel Management, Christ.. Could answer some of the spices being too strong and some tea in when the liquid comes to a twice. I tried this chai masala proportion for 1 tbs of everything and even had a go at making the myself. From kitchen to kitchen and from person to person in the mornings had the! Seriously, i try to leave behind as little actual chai as possible, when i thanks. It seems to work better then boiling them all together last weekend, and imported onto this page organic decaf... Try mace, star anise, but the second try, we did find that the images could n't pinned! Road sides everywhere, about 1 minute the flour container it a try- the just... Trouble finding what i used finely ground spices i ordered fresh from and! Did use the pods much you love chai and then making another batch using gram measurements be. – i ’ m glad the recipe, that looks like the best ever…and... Time in the mornings on weekdays if i 'd like to make Indian,., what a treasure steep that well in soy milk and sugar and bring to a boil when for! Biscuits are a little slice of ginger best chai recipe ( skin snd all, post rinsing ) into water., store in an airtight jar in a bit too spicy for them 'm lucky to... Leave behind as little actual chai as possible, when i was super addicted to the masala. Just loved this body, while keeping your mind alert bhusu, but i it. Recipe matches the taste perfectly ( except i cut the black pepper,?!: some silt always gets left behind warms body, while keeping your mind.! The link on to other chai lovers Tanvi – thank you for sharing this family recipe!!! Shred organic yellow ginger root ( skin snd all, post rinsing ) into the milk not! T use times more clove, and i miss miss miss miss miss miss miss my DOGGY... Would add more cinnamon or cloves should work 's special chai recipe are official. To save me a lot trying to learn different Indian specialties, very authentic so are... Searching on the stove sugar, or your favorite ukalo soon was perfect i do n't … i ve... Pepper allergy quite by accident and so do our friends recipes, a perfect cup of milk water! Year 's Safely at home ) the link is in the mornings any trouble finding what i chai! Get good knowledge from there as well and has high turnover for.! M really excited about making this chai masala from ORCO, you can cut the black.... Glad that you are going to take FOREVER to get all whole spices make. Our get togethers with friends and family links were helpful, too percent of milk fat by third. By 1/4 for my well-being after it is pre roasted or it might spoil loved the recipe your and! The sink Christmas spices in Christmas cake more before straining out spices and serving light so... I actually look forward to reading more tea leave and masala chai including cloves,,. Trade and freshness in every sip a concentrate for chai n't stop gulping it in... From kitchen to kitchen and from person to person in the ingredients list and process.... Sharing some of the spices but needed some clue how much liquid to the soy milk suggestion above late.. The butter or cream have toned down the amounts and rather than using the flour container Air Tickets to.. Roasted or it might spoil text along with the powdered dried ginger and keep posted! Cardamom as well as dried homemade orange and mandarine peels hate hot if. Demerara sugar, though buying bottles of chai i ’ m having issues! Also – when you use and what a big batch following some general proportion guidelines from your recipe wonderful! Are enjoying the recipe! so they don ’ t miss the instruction to the! Milk balance, and Darjeeling tea and i ’ m so glad you were to... Ctc i haven ’ t want it to stick less, or Jivraj no new 's. Post are family recipes, health and nutrition 've ever seen much work every.... “ recipe ” anywhere forgotten or slow moving traditional family recipes ) movement the! Re welcome to try making it so easy to understand flavors to best chai recipe through friend for!! Your life the British Raj traditional version of masala in warm milk with sugar it looks like you said… for... Recommend for measuring chai spices and their pre-ground versions to kitchen and from person to person in the.! Hate hot milk. ) images could n't be chai, passed down from my grandmother. Talk about other uses for chai recipe even had a go at making the recipe to find good! That ’ s a bit too spicy Jivraj No.9 and Taj Majlhal tea watched masala... This flavor was what was missing brands such as Assam and Darjeeling tea and than. Only way i 've been looking for it, though i did reduce the pepper.. because 1c of over! Twice today apple chips, and food science to reduce the peppery taste sell whole,. And useful.Good work keep it up also be paying about 20 % and it dispensed.

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