Raspberry Weevil (Anthonomus Rubi)

Pest Type: Pest of Strawberry and Raspberry

Row: Coleoptera – Coleoptera

Family: Weevils – Curculionidae

It is found everywhere, numerous in woodland and forest-steppe. Damages raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, roses, rose hips.

Beetle 2-3 mm long, oval, black with a brown tint, covered with thin light gray hairs; the shield is white; rostrum long, thin, slightly curved; club-like antennae; legs are thin, long. Egg size 0.35-0.5 mm, white. Larva – 3.5 mm, white, sickle-curved, with a tan head. Pupa – 2.5-3 mm, first white, then yellow-brown.

Immature beetles overwinter in the surface soil layer, under the fallen leaves. Beetles leave wintering places in late April – early May at an average daily air temperature of over 13 ° C, which coincides with the growth of wild strawberries.

First, the beetles feed on leaves, gnawing holes in them, then go to the buds and eat away their contents. Additional food lasts 30-45 days. The female lays one egg each in the hole, covering it with excrement and gnawing the pedicels. Fertility – up to 50 eggs. After 6-7 days, larvae are reborn, which within 20-25 days feed on the contents of the bud and, having completed development, pupate there. After 7-9 days, beetles appear (in the second half of July) and additionally eat on the leaves of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries. In September, with a decrease in air temperature to 10-12 ° C, the beetles migrate for wintering to the upper soil layer and litter. Annual generation.

Weevils are destroyed by ground beetles, larvae of muhdzyurchalka, predatory bugs. The larvae are infected with braconids.

Protective measures. Collection and burning of fallen leaves and plant debris. Soil cultivation is autumn and early spring. Strawberries and raspberries should not be placed next door. Mowing strawberries after harvest, which leads to the death of part of the pest. With a population of more than 3-4 beetles per bush, it is necessary to apply insecticides: on

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