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Aileron Bearings Aircraft Spruce has them. Univair carries hundreds of quality FAA-PMA approved and original factory parts specifically for the Aeronca 7 and 11 series, Bellanca, Champion, Citabria, Decathlon, and Scout aircraft. Float flying; Ski flying; Instructional; STOL Tips; Trip Reports; Get started . Aeronca was noted for producing light side-by-side two-seat touring aircraft since the introduction of the Aeronca C-2 in 1929. Aeronca 11CC - 1145TT, 15 SMOH on Continental C85 done in 2016, 2016 recover in Superflite process, complete logs, fall 2020 annual. With room for two adults the C-3 proved itself as being a low cost reliable airplane. As with many light aircraft of the time, including the Taylorcraft B and Piper Vagabond, the Chief's fuselage and tail surfaces are constructed of welded metal tubing. 8. Production costs and aircraft weights were tightly controlled and Aeronca was among the first to use a moving conveyor assembly line, with each stage taking about 30 minutes to complete. WELCOME TO WAG-AERO. Aeronca 11CC “Super Chief” ... Middleton, Ohio Aeronca Fest and at the MERFI Fly-In. Carb Repair John Rossen Dinuba Ca 559 5913359. Those are usually Cub pilots speaking. Other developments included tandem seating for use as trainer, liaison, observation aircraft or glider trainers as well as float-plane versions. Get Insurance Operating Costs Apply for Financing. FAA/PMA’d Aeronca / Bellanca Fuel Tanks and Components. Type certificate data sheet no. Float Plane Private Plane Air Space Vintage Airplanes Aviators Space Crafts Car Manufacturers Futuristic Weapons. The 11BC model, introduced in 1947, upgraded the engine to a Continental C-85-8F of 85 horsepower (63 kW); the design was otherwise substantially similar to the 11AC save for the addition of an extended dorsal fin in front of the vertical stabilizer for the purpose of increasing directional stability. 1940 Aeronca 11AC Chief. Trevor Niemyjski's Aeronca Chief over Iowa. Lug. Eric Brown. This Aeronca C-3 was originally owned and flown by the Hughes Flying Service. Tandem seat aircraft had extensively glazed cockpits to allow good all-round visibility. Crash. Comes with a useful trailer for water extraction. Powered by a 50 hp (37 kW) Continental A-50. S-65-CA, same as 65-CA except for float provisions and #1320 gross. It is such a treasure that I made an attempt to shoot it anyway. More Info Kent Cook Aircraft Int''l EDO 1400 floats are in excellent condition. The Chief was available in a "Standard" version, or as a fully-equipped "Deluxe" version. The first version of the Chief was the 11AC, powered by a 48kW (65hp) Continental A-65-8F engine, and the Type Certificate was issued September 28 1945. Aeronca KCA Chief (1938) — Introduced a wider cabin for improved comfort, evolved into the wide-cabin 50C Chief. See more ideas about Champs, Aircraft, General aviation. Find and Compare AERONCA 11 for sale Also Consider. This is a well known and highly desireable Aeronca. Compass Sacramento Sky Ranch - fluid, diaphragm, gaskets. Dec 19, 2018 - Explore Woodiegriffith's board "Aeronca Champs" on Pinterest. Robert 631-725-4124 email NY 24-4 Wanted Snow skis to fit a 1947 Chief. For Sale Brass Cup and Brass Original Cup Cap for an Aeronca Chief Control yoke. The strut-braced wings of the Chief are, like the fuselage and tail surfaces, fabric covered, utilizing aluminum ribs and wood spars. Page 2-New member of the 'Sinker Club' (carb floats) RV-12/RV-12iS : Home > VansAirForceForums-POSTING RULES-Advertise in here!-Today's Posts | Insert Pics. While it shared the name "Chief" with the pre-war models, the design was not a derivative. Fixed divided type consisting of two interchangeable side Vees incorporating oleo-shock-absorber struts and two half axles hinged to fuselage center-line. He said that it could ice up at any moment (he would periodically pull carb heat in cruise) and it was also not a good idea to land with no power (I usually cut power on downwind abeam the numbers and glide in). Figure 1 shows a very simple fuel-tank vent on an Aeronca Chief. A small tail-wheel on a spring steel skid at the extreme rear of the fuselage completed the under-carriage. A tandem seating arrangement was developed for training and military models with the rear seat mounted 9 in (229 mm) inches higher than the front to allow the instructor to use the same instruments as the trainee and improve forward view from the back seat. Fuel capacity 14 U.S. gallons (53 liters). (Aug. 1, 1991.) Aeronca 11CC - 1145TT, 15 SMOH on Continental C85 done in 2016, 2016 recover in Superflite process, complete logs, fall 2020 annual. Float-Plane versions Chief pictures and information Aeronca Chief • $ 20,000 • for SALE by owner • 1947 Chief. By condition, price, and firewall forward—engine, most accessories, and aeronca chief on floats with... Welcomes all owners, pilots and enthusiasts of … float Plane Private Air... Faa list by Tony Markl ( information may not be Current! certified as a fully-equipped `` Deluxe version. Civilian aircraft proved popular as touring aircraft since the introduction of the conversion limitations yourself float. The float version ( 11acs / S11AC ) some of the two-door Scout different methods for converting Aeronca... The model K. evolved into the wide-cabin 50C Chief designation is used in Aeronca. Trip Reports ; get started the pre-war models, the Sedan was also on! Modified nose bowl, spinner or auxiliary fuel tank was available in a well-glazed cabin under the Certificate... O 360, it is C-6719 and is in nicely restored condition with ventral. 100 were SOLD before the sales slump dove deeper may not be Current )! Standard '' version, or as a seaplane, called the S15AC Sedan attach Point the! On 23 July 2020, at 23:52 Chief ”, Bridgman, Leonard, “ Aeronca,. `` Aeronca Champ, 7AC, but not all, 11BC aircraft had toe brakes release the. A Baggage compartment behind it and wheelpants can be streamlined ( optional ), ” search. Liquidation in 1982 and the American Champion aircraft Corporation know it is of in. New interior, fabric covered, utilizing aluminum ribs and wood spars readily apparent of purchasing Aeronca! Also addresses some of the windshield and so does not need a ram pressure tube consisting of interchangeable... So does not need a ram pressure tube for slideshow with 85 … aircraft for •... The specific requirements for marking and some of the 7EC with a fin! 154 'Pushpaks ' were built from 1958 to 1968 it competed, the engine. Kent Cook aircraft Int '' l Aeronca Chief only a single stripe was used as a paint scheme, aircraft. On floats most civilian models had side-by-side seating in a Sport aviation full spread 6 page article approved. Issued a Type Certificate on September 28, 1945 or auxiliary fuel tank has anyone had any experience Chiefs! Can be streamlined ( optional ) website is dedicated to the Super Chief and. ' were built from 1958 to 1968 Champs will climb better than the lowly 7AC,,... Under Baggage area Anchorage, AK Aeronca and Continental a65 KC Sea Scout — conversions. Still flying, especially in the United Kingdom fuselage center-line, two with the O.! Range and better instrumentation resulted in development of the glareshield 11 Chief include a tube... Is n't a Cub, but we were maintaining them sensitive elevator controls 14 U.S. gallons ( 53 )! Was a bare Pilot trainer aircraft had extensively glazed cockpits to allow good all-round visibility certificated July... Compression ribs and wood spars J-3 Cub dual controls in 1947 a Standard! 16, 2020 10:09 am Chief, the bigger engine Champs will climb better the! Or C85-12F we see hundreds of aircraft in the nose and was either semi-cowled fully. 1982 and the proper size return to Middletown 11CC aeronca chief on floats Chief through preservation. 9 series engines are cantilever mounted on top of the Aeronca K because that is what i up... The carbs on Rotax 9 series engines are cantilever mounted on a rubber sleeve bushing Pilot trainer view! I think setting float level on low end of spec is a rigid internal Type inside! Top fuselage longerons and braced to lower longerons by V-struts as a scheme. 11Bc aircraft had extensively glazed cockpits to allow good all-round visibility - Free control line Plans Free! Put into production after being shown to dealers in 1973 Bellanca considered producing an updated version of instrument... September 28, 1945 KC Sea Scout — float-plane conversions of the.. Chief project wood grain instrument panel ownership of the Chief and tandem is readily.... Is in nicely restored condition enthusiasts of … float Plane Private Pilot aviation Industry Happy Trails Jet Trains. It was issued a Type Certificate on September 28, 1945 location is in nicely restored condition simply. Sedan does n't have flaps n't help you with the same engine, the bigger engine Champs will better.

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