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Matcha Latté Warm milk on the stovetop or steam until frothy (about 165°F). Easties, get your happy on! Dunkin' October 30 at 4:00 PM. To be fair, Dunkin’ Donuts already has a pretty wide range of drink and food options, but there’s always room for more. Alternatively, Dunkin' customers could try the new bag of bacon with Dunkin's latest addition to its drinks menu—a matcha latte—which launched on the same day. Matcha is a Japanese green tea that has been said to have lots of health benefits. A large Matcha Iced Latte with whole milk has 304 calories, 12 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 0 gram of trans fat, 35 milligrams of cholesterol, 170 milligrams of sodium, 44 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 43 grams of sugar, and 13 grams of protein. Matcha lattes. I promise. Dunkin' Donuts Iced Matcha Latte (Medium) Nutrition Facts. Matcha Latte: Made with love from the highest quality green tea leaves, this is serenity in a cup. Dunkin’ has come out with its own version of the Matcha Latte. no, thank you. Much love for our Matcha Latte. Perfect for lattes, smoothies, iced matcha and more! On a chilly day, the warm latte tastes extra good as I take slow sips from the cup. Dunkin' kicked off the year by introducing the much-anticipated Oat Milk Latte.Now, the popular donut and coffee shop is turning heads once again with an all-new matcha latte. All of Little Prayer Tea Companies Matcha is produced in the Nisho region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for over 800 years. See More. Calories. See you soon! The matcha latte was initially introduced for a limited time in Springfield, Mass. When Feb. 26 rolls around, Dunkin’ will begin serving matcha lattes.How Matcha Helped Me Quit Coffee for GoodFor those who are unfamiliar with matcha, it’s green tea leaves in powder form. Hojicha Latte: Slow roasted over charcoal, this brew comforts with its rich caramel flavors. Happy Halloween from all of us at Dunkin' Donuts Singapore! 33.00g. By Korin Miller. The matcha latte is ideal for the non-coffee drinker who still needs a boost of caffeine from time to time, but not too much. Treat yourself at Dunkin' Donuts today! The art of Zen tea-drinking may just lie in our newest latte flavors, Hojicha and Matcha! I crave the iced version in the summer and usually end up picking up a glass at my local Starbucks, but it’s so expensive; $4 a cup? and Phoenix, Ariz. where it immediately became a customer favorite. Beginning Feb. 26, the matcha latte became available across the United States at participation Dunkin’ restaurants reports a company press release . On Wednesday, you will be able to get a Dunkin’ matcha latte at any of the 8,400 (!) 3.8 (208) Read Reviews. Dunkin's Matcha Lattes feature high-quality Matcha green tea powder, produced in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years. What do you get when you put together the classic look of French eclairs with doughnuts? Dunkin’ offers the perfect coffee alternative with the launch of their new Matcha Lattes. Dunkin’ Donuts is now at Paya Lebar MRT ... 01-03 with all your favourite treats and drinks. Matcha drinks / Facebook. For non-coffee drinkers, Dunkin’ has also released a few varieties of a matcha latte. Grease, sugar and caffeine built the foundation of this beloved breakfast chain, but the tide is turning. Dunkin' November 3 at 1:02 AM. I’m a simple gal when it comes to my caffeine drinks and generally not a lover of crazy coffee drinks or over the top Starbucks creations. According to an Instagram post by foodie influencer @candyhunting, it looks like America’s fav coffee shop is about to launch a few new products including matcha lattes and something called “snacking bacon” that I want to eat immediately. By Christine Muhlk e. Photography by Christina Holme s. January 10, 2013. Luckily, Dunkin’ is finally jumping on the bandwagon, and customers can now treat their tastebuds to the combination of earthy Matcha green tea and guests’ milk of choice in the form of a regular hot Matcha Latte, an iced Matcha Latte, or a frozen Matcha Latte. locations in the United States. Saturated Fat-Trans Fat-Cholesterol-Sodium-Total Carbohydrate. That Matcha … The slightly bitter and sweet taste of matcha, when blending in with milk and a tiny bit of sugar, it makes the perfect cup of drink. The new drink was first tested out in markets in Arizona and Massachusetts last year, and quickly became a menu favorite. via Dunkin' In case you've been living under a rock and have no idea what matcha is, it's a Japanese food that's made from green tea leaves. Matcha lattes have grown in popularity over the last few years, and Dunkin' is getting in on the action. Blended with guests' choice of milk for a fresh, vibrant green tea flavor balanced with subtle sweetness, Matcha Lattes can be served hot, iced or frozen. Blended with your choice of […] I love this drink sooooooo matcha! Dunkin’s matcha lattes are made with sweetened matcha green tea powder. This copycat recipe shows you how to make your own Starbucks Iced Matcha Latte at home with just three ingredients. Dare we say, it won't be long before America is running on matcha? Dunkin's Matcha Lattes feature high-quality Matcha green tea powder, produced in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years. Blended with guests' choice of milk for a fresh, vibrant green tea flavor balanced with subtle sweetness, Matcha Lattes can be served hot, iced or frozen. While some matcha flavors can be verge on bitter, this Dunkin’ version should be quite approachable for all drinkers. Ever since I tried this iced matcha latte a few years ago, I’ve never turned back. A fan favorite when first introduced for a … Serving Size: 1 serving (24 oz) Amount Per Serving. Dietary Fiber-Sugars-Protein. Dunkin’ Is Adding Matcha Lattes To Its Menu And They Look Gorgeous. Starting Feb. 26, you can find matcha lattes at a Dunkin’ near you. Only instead of plucking those leaves, chopping them up, putting them in a bag, and steeping them in hot water, matcha is ground up into a fine powder. Matcha lovers will cha-cha over Dunkin’s newest menu addition. 10.00g. America runs on coffee, strawberry frosted doughnuts and egg sandwiches at Dunkin’. 12%. Matcha Latte. 250 % Daily Values* Total Fat. Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Pure 100% Matcha Green Tea From Japan. Newsweek subscription offers > It’s so creamy, refreshing and tastes like no other drink. The new Dunkin’ Matcha Lattes give both matcha lovers and those new to the green tea several options to sip and savor this beverage. Dunkin' introduces Matcha Lattes as a delicious, new way to refresh and reenergize, available nationwide beginning February 26. Dunkin’ is offering matcha with your choice of milk in hot, iced, and frozen varieties. Comment IMAGE Majoy Siason. Remove from heat. 12%. If you're not ready, you best get ready. If you prefer the iced version of the matcha green tea latte, it is as easy as using cold milk and adding in ice cubes. Dunkin’ is getting those too, so look out Starbucks. The new Dunkin Donuts pastries comes in five exciting flavors! Dunkin’s matcha lattes use a blend of matcha green tea powder, which is made by grinding young, shade-grown green tea leaves and buds, and the customer’s choice of milk to create a … Dunkin Donuts Has A New Matcha-Flavored Chocolate Doughnut! Okay, that’s it for the matcha puns. You get Dunkin Donut's new DD Bars! The matcha latte is hitting participating Dunkin' restaurants nationwide on Feb. 26. Dunkin’ will unveil a new latte next week that’s tinted bright green, thanks to a trendy health ingredient: matcha. Dunkin’ takes that powder and blends it with your choice of milk to create its lattes, which are available hot, iced, or frozen. February 26, 2020, will go down in history as the last time I will ever drink the Matcha Latte as a hot drink. By Bea Faicol | Jan 16, 2019 Shares Share Tweet Pin 0. I'm IN. 9.00g. The new Matcha Lattes feature high-quality Matcha green tea powder made in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where, according to a press release, “the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years”. This homemade version tastes just as good, if not better for a fraction of the price. Let’s just say they have failed, at least with the hot version. While many people know Matcha from its bright green color, that matcha powder is made from grinding young green tea buds. Now that spring is just around the corner, your fave brands are swapping out winter sips for lighter options, like the brand new Matcha Latte line at Dunkin'.

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