rustic maple plywood

1-1/2'' thick Canadian harvested rustic maple boards, kiln dried to a moisture content of 6% to 8%. We carry over ½ million square feet of hardwood plywood in stock with selections of over 350 species and size combinations. Brown Hard maple, Rustic Maple, Rock maple, Sugar maple. We grade after drying and surfacing, and against all natural drying or surfacing defects (pin knot no defect). The variance is what makes rustic wood so special. Wood Vendors offers multiple thicknesses of Hard Maple Lumber as well as ripped or s4s dimensional maple and Hard Maple Mouldings. There are some dings and a small crack in the top I would like to fill prior to staining. We carry Import Birch Plywood in a variety of grades and sizes, including 3/4″, 1/2″, 1/4″ thickness. Rustic hard maple is used frequently in commercial and residential applications that are meant to have an antique or a country style look. Ratings Snapshot 4.813. out … 32. Wormy Maple Rustic Veneer is caused by an infestation of the ambrosia beetle and will exhibit a streaked appearance. It is a very pretty rustic veneer that can give your project a unique look. Choose from several lengths. Also available in UV pre-finished. Hard Maple Rustic is a high end #3A & #3B. Availability: Hard Maple Lumber boards are readily available in all thickness and narrow to wide widths range from 3 inches to 11 inches and over. Characteristics include burled grain, pin knots, and caramelizing. 7-ply hardwood plywood panel is assembled with smooth, patch-free decorative maple veneers; PureBond hardwood plywood is an environmentally friendly, cost-competitive alternative to panels manufactured with urea formaldehyde (UF), which may degrade air quality over time Wormy Maple is also known as Spalted Maple, Ambrosia, and Ghost Maple. To assemble, use Kreg 2-1/2'' HD pocket screws and the Kreg HD Driver Bit (#46910 and #47983, both sold separately). Lengths of the boards are anywhere from 8 feet to 16 feet. I chose red mahogany which will stain to a medium color because of the maple. Learn About our Maple UV Pre-finished Plywood. 1/4 x 4 x 8 Rustic Hickory MDF Core Plywood (Actual Size .185" x 48" x 95-7/8") Model Number: 1_4x4x8RusticHickory Menards ® SKU: 1252995 Workability: Kiln dried White Maple Wood is moderately easy to work with although due to its density high quality strong and sharp tools are highly recommended. Variants: 1/8" # 1018 1/4" # 1019 1/2" # 1075 3/4" # 1065 1" # 1064 I am using General Finishes wipe on gel which I have used before with success. Description: Item No: Maple Rus Rot 3/4 4x8 G2S PBC: 23321: Maple Rus Rot 1/4 4x8 G2S MDF: 23323: Maple Nat 1/2 4X8 B2 VC 7 Ply: 23325: Maple Nat C2 1/2 4X8 VC 5 Ply Maple is a stiff, strong heavy wood with a tight, uniform grain pattern and a smooth surface. 75% of the Hard Maple Rustic board includes the natural characteristics inherent in the species and is unselected for color. Rustic maple may include any one, or combination of, the following characteristics: Knots; Burled grain; Dramatic color contrast; Carmelizing; Mineral streaks; Wane; As with any rustic wood, these characteristics occur naturally, and no two pieces are alike. $4.99 /Board Feet. Hi, my husband built a maple cabinet with maple veneer plywood and maple doors. Some Typical Uses Furniture, flooring, industrial parts, desks, cabinetry, doors, cutting boards, small boxes and accessories. ... Country Hard Maple 4/4 Lumber. Leave out the Edge Pieces for a traditional top with squared edges. The expansive plywood inventory carried by Metro Hardwoods meets the needs of even the most specialized cabinet or fixture manufacturer. Maple varies in color from nearly white to yellow, pink, light purple and slightly reddish brown.The smooth, even surface of Maple makes it the wood of choice for all of our paint colors and burnished stains. Find a Dealer This plywood is available in a Veneer Core as well as Certified or Non-certified core. Most users are looking for either clear cuttings or knotty, rustic maple.

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